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Q&A- wedding photography services

Here are some important questions that a wedding planning couple usually ask me to gather the necessary information and make an informed decision:


1. Experience and Portfolio:

How many weddings have you photographed?

   I have been working as a wedding photographer since 2008. I started my journey in Poland and continued it here in Scotland. Throughout those years, I have photographed hundreds of weddings.


Can you show us your portfolio or examples of your previous wedding work?

   Yes, you can see some of my most recent work on my website.


Do you have experience shooting in similar venues or locations to ours?

   I have photographed in many different places and a variety of wedding styles, so there is nothing that may surprise me.


2. Style and Approach:

What is your photography style? (e.g., traditional, candid, artistic, documentary)

   I think my style is a mixture of all, with an emphasis on candid moments.  I prefer to focus on capturing how you feel on your wedding day and the expressions of emotions, rather than anything else.


How do you capture candid moments and emotions during a wedding?

   I try to be as unobtrusive as possible, so I don't interrupt the events. Another approach I take is to build a relationship with my subjects, so that they feel comfortable enough to express their emotions.


Are you comfortable with posed shots and formal group portraits?

   Yes, I think they are an important part of a wedding.


Can you accommodate special requests, such as additional hours or multiple locations?

   Yes, for me, it is important to have as much photography material as possible. I photograph events for you, but also for myself.

3. Equipment and Backup Plans:

What type of camera gear and equipment do you use?

   I currently use Sony cameras and lenses. While a camera can provide advanced functionalities, high-resolution sensors, and various lens options, the most important factor in photography is the person behind the camera—the photographer. A skilled photographer can create stunning images with any type of camera, even those with less advanced features.


Do you have backup equipment in case of malfunctions?

   Yes, I have backup equipment available in case of any malfunctions.


What is your backup plan if you are unable to photograph our wedding?

   I work with other photographers who have a similar photography style and approach as mine, so I can arrange for one of them to cover your wedding if necessary.


4. Image Delivery and Rights:

How long does it typically take to receive the edited photos?

   The delivery time for edited photos can vary, usually ranging from 2 weeks to 2 months, depending on the number of pictures I will have from the wedding.


Will we receive high-resolution digital files, and will they be watermarked?

   Yes, you will receive high-resolution images with no watermarks on them.


Do we have the rights to print and share the photos?

   Yes, you will have the rights to print and share the photos.


5. Collaborations and Communication:

   Will you be the actual photographer shooting our wedding, or will it be someone else?

   I will be the main photographer at your wedding.


Can we meet or have a phone call before the wedding to discuss details and expectations?

   I strongly recommend meeting in person or having a phone call to discuss the details and expectations. This will help us get to know each other and ensure we are on the same page.


Are you open to our ideas and suggestions for specific shots or poses?

Of course. It is your wedding.

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